Card Collection! Tarot+Oracle

I’ve mostly grown my collection, but I no longer have the Beautiful Creatures Tarot, 2nd Edition (sold it, didn’t connect well) nor the Wisdom of the Oracle (gifted it to a friend).

Tarot: Wizards, Beautiful Creatures, Steampunk, Modern Spellcasters, Labyrinth, Deviant Moon, Le Tarot Noir, Paulina, Thoth, Secret Forest, Secret Code, Enchanted, Ceccoli, Victorian Fairy

Oracle: Faerytale, Mystic Misfit, Seventh Sphere, Mortem Oraculum, Myths & Mermaids, Wisdom of the Oracle, Bach Flower Inspirational, Clow, Victorian Flower, Enchanted Map, Heart of Faerie, Flowers of the Night, Gilded Reverie, Nature’s Whispers

What I have now that is not listed: the Everyday Witch Tarot, The Wonderland Tarot by Barbara Moore, Art Nouveau Premium Tarot, Shadowscapes, The Crow Tarot, The Stolen Child Tarot (LOVE this deck), The Black Cats Tarot, The Golden Tarot of Marseilles; Alice: The Wonderland Oracle, Astrological Oracle Cards, Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle, Art Nouveau Lenormand, Witchlings, Sakura Cards and Clear Cards, and the Everyday Witch Oracle.