Kyanite: Black, Green, Blue, and Orange

Kyanite is a beautiful, versatile gemstone, and probably my favorite type. It comes in all sorts of colors, even clear! I’m working on collecting them all, but the rarer colors really are hard to find, and when you do find them, they’re surprisingly expensive. The most common–yet most sought after–is blue.

On top of the stones listed, I also have a black kyanite spray and a blue kyanite blade that have been set as jewelry pieces. I decided not to show those, since I’m trying to only show my standalone gemstones.

I don’t really remember how I got my black kyanite. I might have picked it up from the local shop? Anyway, it’s an eye-catching piece that’s about 2 inches long. All kyanite is good for cleansing, but black kyanite will also help ground you.

The green kyanite I definitely got from the local shop. I had been asking the owner if he had any, and eventually he said he’d call me when he got some in. Well, he lost my number, but I managed to come in when he had gotten a fresh shipment of it anyway! This is the largest, clearest piece of the batch. I don’t have any information on what green does, but one can imagine healing and growth. This piece is also about 2 inches long.

The blue and orange pieces I also got at the local shop, but from a visiting jewelry crafter. He gave me the one worked blade of blue and three little pieces of worked orange for about $20. The blue is maybe an inch in length, the orange is less than a centimeter. I was only after the orange pieces, but he wasn’t having it for some reason. If I get the chance, I’ll probably get less… Lose-able orange. Blue is great for cleansing. Orange is another one I don’t have any info on, but I think it could help boost creativity.