Category: Divination Tools

These are all about the energy–although nice art for the decks doesn’t hurt either.

Clow, Sakura, Clear, Chibi Clow, and New Clow Cards

Cardcaptor Sakura was one of the defining anime of my childhood–I absolutely loved it, even though it was the dubbed…

Octopus Tarot

I honestly screamed when I discovered this deck. I love octopuses so much, it’s ridiculous. Right up there with owls….

Myth’s & Mermaids: Oracle of the Water

I got this deck because it really spoke to me as someone who’s all water. I also really enjoy Jasmine…

Wizards Tarot by Barbara Moore

I got this deck pretty recently. So far it’s been fun to work with, though the cardstock in kinda thin….

Baroque Tarot

I got this deck by pledging to its Kickstarter campaign; it came with some other goodies, not pictured. The wait…