Thanksgiving 2020

This year it was just me and my husband for Thanksgiving. We bought just a butterball turkey breast, since a whole turkey is way too much for two people. The cranberry sauce came from a can, as we already had a can–making it cheaper than buying fresh cranberries and frying up a sauce. The broccoli with cheese was frozen, and the stuffing was from a box. There was also gravy and hot apple cider.

I want to say that, even if they’re the “easy” option, meals like this can still turn out amazing! It’s still a feast fitting for Thanksgiving, and the time spent together is more important either way.

The earlier part of our day was feast themed as well. Animal Crossing: New Horizons had a wonderful Turkey Day event. I had gotten my hands on the recipes from a Discord server I’m on, and dove and fished for and dug up and foraged and grew all the required ingredients beforehand, as did my husband. Even so, it was fun watching Franklin cook.