About Me

A sketch

Hi. I go by Jacks. I’m 33 years old, married, and a pet parent to a cat and a dog. The cat is a giant snuggle bug and loves his belly rubs. The dog is a bully-mix that’s kind of standoffish, though she will give the occasional cuddle–she, too, loves belly rubs. My husband is employed as a network administrator at a local company, and loves the outdoors.

I enjoy doing art and writing, as well as collecting rocks and divination stuff. My art is all over the place, but despite that you can definitely see improvement when you compare newer and older work. My writing is a bit more focused. I like short stories and poetry the best (especially haiku’s). My favorite genre’s are science fiction and fantasy, and I’m a HUGE sucker for most dystopia’s.

I’m quite picky about my rocks, though I have made some…. Missteps, regarding a couple of purchases just because I didn’t know much about the gemstone in question. The individual quality of my collection varies, but I’m overall pretty happy with what I’ve built up over the years. As for divination… I can honestly say I’m obsessed. Most of what I have are tarot and oracle decks, but I’ve also got runes (the Elder Futhark), a black scrying mirror, and have dabbled in stichomancy (random book, random page, random passage, and go!).

Religiously, I’m a Heathen, also referred to as Asatru or Norse Pagan. I’m also queer and a witch.

Eventually, I would like to add a web-comic portion to this site. I would like it to have a compelling story and decent art. I might practice by rewriting fairy tales, but I haven’t really decided on that yet.